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The recording process should be comfortable, inspiring, fun, efficient and memorable. We want the artist to be completely comfortable and without distraction as it will generate the most organic vocal or instrumental performance.


This is what we thrive on - creating an original production that is catered to the artist. We are no strangers to live instruments. Our staff has multiple producers to choose from, and sometimes, we will have multiple producers and engineers working in your sessionWe also have an extensive catalog of original beats to choose from with multiple licensing options to fit anyone's price point. No more ripping beats from YouTube!

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Mixing is an art form – the most technical piece of the puzzle to creating a great song. Let’s take a modern example: Post Malone’s vocal sound. Created by using effects such as AutoTune, Reverb, Delay, Compression and EQ, this is all done during the mixing stage of the process.

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Listening parties, in-studio music videos, and networking events are just some of the many options we offer to those seeking a space for private events.


In today's music industry, releasing music is all about streaming. Our digital distribution aggregate services offers artist the opportunity to release music directly on the world stage

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We offer graphic design services based off of over 5 years of experience providing graphic design services, Were proud to offer our client’s a broad range of options that support their growing needs and help propel them past the status quo.  


We offer video production and photography services for artist and companies in the entire Tampa Bay area including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and all surrounding areas